Andrew Leeuw and Hezron Louw, founders of Sumting Fresh are Fourways Farmers Market legends. Not only are they both highly entertaining but their brand has also become synonymous with excellent street food and amazing service. The queues to buy their divine goujon chicken strips and jam jars extends throughout the market on Sundays and fans remain highly entertained by the antics of their staff whilst waiting.

Hezron and Andrew are one of The Fourways Farmers Market’s greatest success stories. Voted one of the top street food vendors in the world, they persisted with a variety of products until they managed to get a foot in the Fourways Farmers Market door. Once there, they created a unique and delicious product that everyone loved. This, together with their infectious enthusiasm, charm, incredible work ethic and energy has turned Sumting Fresh into a household name.

‘The market really changed our lives. It’s a spot where corporate decision makers take their families and that’s how we’ve landed corporate catering.” Sumting Fresh now own a popular restaurant in Norwood and a function in this town is incomplete without their double decker “bus-taurant. That said, you are guaranteed to find their smiling faces every Sunday at the market and on intermittent Fridays at Farmers Pop Up Bar and Café.

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